At Elva Medica, we put the individual – in their unique totality – at the heart of what we do. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions here, no unthinking standardised treatments. Every sign and symptom is as unique as the process that triggered it, so every treatment must be unique and personal, too.
 Our clinic logo is the symbol of holism, the philosophical concept based on the Greek όλος or holos (whole, entire). It is founded on the idea that a system's properties cannot be explained in terms of its component parts alone: rather, they must always be examined in their entirety. And this is precisely our approach. We investigate all the causes behind an illness and ascribe your an overall significance in terms not just of the body as a whole but also of the mind, the emotions and the external social and physical environment.
 Our helpful, reliable, highly qualified staff are here to cure you of disease; but more than that, we treat you as a physical and psychological whole – including problems and causes that traditional clinics are very often ill-placed to address.
 Our aim is to enable our clients to achieve a state of overall wellness. For your wellbeing is our top priority.